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Georgia law provides for those suffering from a burn injury do to another’s negligence to receive compensation for medical expense resulting from an accident.  Current and future medical expense as well as rehabilitation expenses associated with you recovery are included in your compensation.
Injuries that force you to miss work may also be included in compensation to cover the money you are unable to earn do to a burn injury.  Often times a burn injury will prevent an individual from meeting the requirements to fully function in their job resulting in claim damages for your situation.
Pain and Suffering should be included in your compensation.  Burn injuries cause tremendous physical pain and mental anguish for those involved in an accident.  Disfigurement resulting from a burn injury due to another’s negligence may result in financial compensation.
When an accident is caused by severe recklessness punitive damages may be awarded.  Punitive damages are intended to punish those liable for an accident and serve as an example for other parties participating in behavior which may result accidents leading to burn injuries.

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