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Our process ...
When you contact us we'll get started right away learning about you and your injury.  Accidents resulting in a burn injury are life-altering traumatic events in a person's life and we categorize fire and burn investigations a top priority in our firm.
First, when necessary, we hire a fire cause and origin expert to go to the fire scene and examine the evidence, and if necessary, obtain a court order to do so if the authorities or defendant do not allow us access.
We collect as much information humanly possible about the accident.  This includes but is not limited to:
  • Police reports
  • Fire Department Reports
  • Pictures of the accident scene
  • Pictures of the injury
The next step is to determine the validity and extent of a potential claim under Georgia law.  Armed with that information, the work begins.
Next we will contact your medical team and gather information about your medical records and any reports they have available about your injury.  Your medical team will also be vital in determining the impact of your injury and the financial burden of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up.
We will also retain any industry and medical experts necessary to access the cause of the accident that produced your injury and what parties may be held liable.
Neal Law is dedicated to making sure you are made whole and holding those responsible accountable.
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