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JOHNSON V. MATHEISON, ET AL – $1,500,000 Historic Record Settlement in a Severe Burn Injury Case Against a Teacher and a Principal With an Immunity Defense. (DOUGLAS COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT, 2016)
A young woman who was badly burned when a chemistry experiment went awry at a Douglas County high school has settled her claims against a teacher and school principal for $1.5 million.
Olivia Johnson was an 18-year-old senior at Chapel Hill High School when a teacher demonstrating how various chemicals display different colors when exposed to flame suddenly poured methanol, or wood alcohol, into a container the teenager had just lit.
Johnson was engulfed in flames, suffering suffered severe burns all over her upper body, for which she receives ongoing treatment.  READ THE FULL STORY HERE
Neal Law Reaches The Biggest Wrongful Death Monetary Settlement
NEAL LAW BREAKING NEWS – Neal Law Reaches The Biggest Wrongful Death Monetary Settlement In History Against Augusta-Richmond County Government For The Wrongul Deaths Of 18 Year Old Ryan Holt And 20 Year Old Michelle Bororr.
$2,500,000 confidential cash settlement against a ABC Power Company.
Settlement $1,250,000 against uninsured City of Augusta
Settlement against uninsured landlord $200,000 in real estate, plus $10,000 in cash
Resulting from a double fatality trailer fire in which Ryan and Michelle, high school sweethearts who were deeply in love and rented their first home together, were burned alive and choked to death on super-heated soot and smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Case lasted nearly six years, including victories for the Plaintiff’s on sovereign and official immunity in the trial Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals, and the Georgia Supreme Court. See Vann v. Finley, 313 Ga. App. 153, 721 S.E.2d 156 (2011),cert. denied by the Georgia Supreme Court on 4/24/12.
Lead Counsel: Joseph R. Neal, Jr.
Co-Counsel: Douglas M. Nelson, Christopher J. Hudson, Charles M. Cork III
Heater Explodes and Burns Woman to Death – Confidential Settlement
The following resulted in a $2,100,000 confidential settlement against a large natural gas company in March 2011.
Mr. Neal, along with co-counsel from Lexington, South Carolina, represented the surviving daughter of a woman who opened her utility room door, only to have the hot water heater pilot light ignite a flash fire explosion due to combustible paint can vapors with inadequate ventilation. The victim was in the burn unit of Doctor’s Hospital for several months, suffered severe burns to her body, and underwent numerous surgeries before passing away six months later.  The case settled after protracted litigation and depositions of numerous fire and gas company experts and a prolonged mediation.
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